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You can either choose from our standard designs of portable/transportable buildings; or we will work with you to Custom Design and Build to suit your requirements.

A quality Cavalier Transportable building can be used for almost any application including: additional office space, staff quarters; self contained accommodation, houses; park homes; chalets; toilets; showers; ablutions; broadcasting or recording studios; music rooms, motel rooms; lunch rooms, kitchens, fast food outlets, on site offices, sales offices, training rooms, change rooms, fumigation rooms, gate houses, chalets, control rooms, laboratories, class rooms, recreation rooms, club houses for sporting and recreational groups, in fact you are only limited by your own imagination.

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Call Us Now on 08 9459 6000
Call Us Now on 08 9459 6000
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Advice to Customers - Residential Quotes; Displays & Orders

We have made the difficult decision not to accept further orders or provide quotations for any Houses, Granny Flats or Park Homes as our factory is currently committed with work for the foreseeable future.

It is unreasonable for us to make commitments to prospective purchasers when completion dates and pricing is uncertain at this time.

During the past twelve months we have prioritised customer orders, this has meant we have been unable to re-plenish our display stock and currently we have no Houses, Granny Flats or Park Homes to Display.

Any visits to our premises will require an appointment, as we are implementing Covid Safe practices to minimise risks to clients and staff.